1. The Moth
    These are true stories, presented live in front of an audience. The stories will make you cry, laugh, gasp and ultimately, feel connected. The Moth is great for those days when you need something easier to listen to.
  2. Hidden Brain
    If I could start university all over again, I would go into neuroscience or psychology. The Hidden Brain captures these two topics with exciting stories and facts, talking about life’s hidden patterns.
  3. The School of Greatness
    Lewis Howes, the host of this podcast, has big ideas and dreams but has a knack for keeping things digestible and straightforward. I recommend starting with his 5-Minute Fridays for motivation and insight.
  4. The Tim Ferris Show
    I envy this guy’s brain. Tim Ferris interviews the best of the best in a casual, interesting, fast enough pace (which I find many podcasters can’t do). I 100% recommend following this podcast in order to surround yourself with great minds.
  5. Being Boss
    These two women help female entrepreneurs to improve their mindset and habits to be better bosses. Their podcast has given me insight, encouragement and steps to build my business.
  6. Criminal
    Each episode of this podcast is a different, mind-blowing story of criminals. It will question how you think about the word ‘criminal’. Read the episode’s description before you listen in order to find one that may interest you.
  7. The Tony Robbins Podcast
    Do you see a theme here? I love listening to people who challenge me to live outside the ordinary. Tony Robbins is just that guy,