Oh, the journey I’ve been on in 2017…
the heartaches I’ve experienced,
the joys I’ve stumbled into,
the frustrations I’ve brewed in,
the wonderful connections I’ve made,
the people we’ve lost,
the goals I’ve accomplished,
the humble pie I’ve eaten,
and the deepest, most patient love from cherished family, mentors and friends.

There’s sometimes so much to say… and at times, nothing at all.

I am grateful for each and every one of you, for whatever capacity you are in my life; for however quiet (or too loud) I am with you; for however distant or close we have been this past year.

I have much to learn, big decisions to make, many ways to grow (and may it always, always be that way). I have hope, gratitude, nervousness, determination and most importantly – INTENTION – for this year.

What’s your word for the year?

Many things are going to change. This journey called life can be a rocky, unpredictable one, but it sure as hell is worth it.
Thank you for joining me in it.