I love you to the moon and back.


One of (if not THE) greatest joys of my trip so far has been travelling with my sister. A time for connecting, sharing and just being together. Just like any sisters, we have our ups and downs and silly arguments yet I’ve always been grateful to have her by my side no matter what – and the close connection we have.

We live in different cities, which can make it hard to make time for eachother – busy with our own lives. When I decided to visit Asia, I begged her to come with me for a stint of it to spend that extra time together. Months later, when she said “yes!”, I was ecstatic.

In four weeks, we explored three countries: Thailand, Loas and Cambodia.
Together, we bathed elephants and pet tigers.
We tanned on white sandy beaches and swam in the ocean while it was pouring rain.
We explored the most beautiful waterfalls we will ever see.
We snorkelled some of the most beautiful corals – finding creatures we couldn’t name.
We cheered on a Muay Thai match.
We tubed down Mekong River and hiked Pai Canyon.
We explored a cave, farther than most people would dare.
We spa’ed together & accidentally got naked in front of our masseuses together.
We sang louder than all the locals at the bar that was playing American Top 40.
We explored night markets and dominated in beer pong & flip cup.
We paid respect to stunning temples and hung out with an ex-monk.
We woke up early to watch the sun rise over Angkor Wat (pictured above!).
We tried the strangest (yet, usually delicious) foods together.
We enjoyed trying the new beers of each country (Chang, Singha, BeerLao, Angkor).
We rode tuks tuks and trains, ferries and planes, slow boats and sleeperbuses.
Together, we added more people to our family –
Sccottish, British, Irish, South Africans, Dutch, Chileans, Aussies, Spanish, Americans.
I showed her how to scooter, she taught me how to go with the flow.
We learned together. Laughed and cried together.
Drank too much together. Explored together. Were brave together.
We meshed well (no, perfectly) together, to the point that people didn’t think we could get any closer.Her “yes” mentality, her zest for life, her sense of adventure, her charismatic ability that can make any one laugh, her warm nature continue to blow me away. 

8 reasons why should you travel with your siblings:
  1. Travelling allows you to celebrate your similarities and differences – capitalizing on each other’s strengths.
  2. Travelling together = guaranteed quality time.
  3. They have your back. No one will look after you like your sibling.
  4. You can get past any conflict or issue, because you’re family.
  5. You become closer. Stories and pictures can only explain so much, only you will understand the feelings that came with those incredible moments.
  6. You’ll discover more about them. New challenges and adventures will show you sides of your sibling you’ve never seen.
  7. You’ll find that they are the most bearable and understanding person you know.
  8. They bring out the best in you. They know your best and will encourage it.

Our souvenir from this trip? Stronger love, compassion and respect for each other.