5b2927b86bbb3e6f06b2f69fafe1130dToday of all days is the perfect day to sit back and evaluate the things and the people you love and why you love them to the degree that you do.

I’m not writing this to justify why I am single. Nor am I writing this to say it is wrong to be in a committed relationship (because that, that is beautiful in itself). Rather, this post was created while writting two posts at the same time: “10 things I love” and “10 reasons I am single”.  In the trenches of my thoughts, I realized that a lot of the things I love have a lot to do with why I am single right now.

Here it goes:

I love firsts. First dates, first kisses, the first time you hold hands, your first flowers from him. I love seeing someone’s twinkle in their eye for the first time and you realize how they feel about you. Nothing beats a first (yes, even a first disagreement) & you can have many firsts when you’re single.

I love dreaming. & many men are scared of the word “dream”. If you aren’t dreaming with me, you’re holding me back.

I love sharing smiles with strangers. & sparking up a conversation even more. I no longer have anything to hold me back when it comes to approaching people. It excites me to see the audacity and confidence this has built within me, but also how many hearts I’ve been able to touch all because I’m no longer wrapped up in my own life or have to worry about “giving the wrong impression”.

I love having a hectic life. If you know me, you know I have plans for every hour of every day. I don’t know many who are busier than me. But that’s who I am. I thrive on socializing and new experiences. I can’t stay home all night. & not many understand that.

I love my girlfriends. They make me laugh the hardest, feel the most beautiful and think the deepest. Skip out on girl time to watch a boyfriend and his buds play video games all night? No thank you! As they say in Sex and the City: “Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with.”

I love being on time. & men seem to take longer getting ready than I do. (Yikes.)

I love promises. & I have made some powerful promises to myself. It’s empowering to know that I am not willing to compromise those promises. For any one. I’m able to make decisions of what I want with conviction because of this.

I love random adventures. Consistency is not for me. Living an ordinary life does not interest me. I want to live, not just exist. I can go anywhere. Do anything. If I wanted to move to Montreal tomorrow, I could. (Wait a minute…!)

I love chick flicks & love songs. & many times when you are with someone, they cannot fill that Prince Charming idea that’s in your head. Disappointing.

I love being young. I’ll only be young once and I won’t give it up for anything. I knew a young marriage was never for me. Being young is about making mistakes, pushing, changing, figuring out who you are – through and through.

I love living with intention. When I am not distracted or shackled by other’s uncertainties, I’m able to live a life with a lot more purpose. I am able to hit my daily goals. I’m able to continually look for ways to get out of my comfort zone and keep my learning curve high.

I love my job. If I want to work overtime, I can without feeling guilty. If I am asked to travel last minute, I easily move my schedule around, happily.

I love ‘me’ time. After a long day, winding down with a facemask, chick flick, bubble bath and no distractions is perfection to me.

I love storytelling. & when you’re single, you have a lot more crazy stories to tell.

I love being me. I find that many lose their own social identity in a relationship and that’s not for me. I want people loving me for me and understand what I’m all about. I don’t want to live in someone else’s shadow. I love being able to figure out and pull through challenges by myself (of course, knowing that my mom and my friends are just a phone call away), not to prove to others how strong I am, but to show myself what I am capable of doing.

I love my music. & when I find a song I love, I listen to it on repeat. & I don’t have to drive any one crazy when I do!

& last, I love Prince Harry. But I’m not really into the long distance thing.

Now, I understand that I don’t have to be single to experience and love these things.  Friends, if you are able to experience this while in a relationship, I salute you, your strong relationship and your adventurous companion.

Happy Love Day.heart-300x300