In North America, we live in such a strange environment. Where you can go from your home to your garage into your vehicle to the grocery store use the self-checkout and back home. All without making one human interaction. We can be surrounded by so many people yet feel so alone. This is the choice that we have made. It is a sad.

Travelling made me realize the importance of human interaction – from spending more time with family to the tiny interactions at the coffee shop. This comes with responsibility – where you should put yourself into situations that intentionally create those relationships.

I’m trying to make a commitment that if it’s less than a 20 minute walk, I’m walking.
I’m not using self checkouts but the cashier.
I’m stopping to pet someone’s dog.
And saying “good morning” to that couple sitting on their porch.

We will need a lot of things in this world, but most of all we will need each other – & the love and connections of a community.