You guys. I wrote a manifesto.
For years, the word “audacious” has captured my attention and one night, not too long ago, in a random spur-of-the-moment inspiration, I threw this together.

This manifesto defines the foundation I am building my life upon. It is my values for all the work I do. It tells you what you should expect of me and what I encourage of you.

We are audacious.
We are brave enough to think differently and bold enough to believe we can.
We set status quo on fire as we are energized by growth.
We dare to start real conversations and to create meaningful work.
We have clear vision and strategic direction, always aiming high and seeing big.
We believe in making complex, simple.
We see potential and encourage both ourselves and others to take leaps.
We believe in making the world a better place – both offline and online.
We are the Audacious.