It’s only been a week of being 24,
but summer has bombarded me with some important life lessons:

Your hair part can get sunburned too… ouch.

All thoughts, feelings, values & beliefs are subject to change given the right experience.

Judging people is pointless. You miss out on meeting some pretty interesting people.

Creativity is a beautiful thing. Like PB&J pancake sandwiches.

Don’t take neighbours for granted. Get to know them.

You learn best by making the worst mistakes.

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. Celebrate birthdays, holidays, people and the get-togethers. Celebrate a good glass of wine, storms and cool phone apps.  Celebrate resilience during hard times. Celebrate each and every sunset. Big or small, celebrate.

Birthday Balloons

Throw your heart out there. Tell loved ones what they mean to you regardless of how awkward or vulnerable it makes you feel. You will never regret it.

& nothing offers more protection than honesty, even if in the moment few things feel more vulnerable.

You’ll never regret ignoring an ex’s phone call.

Say thank you. Over & over again. Thank waitresses doing a good job, thank police officers patrolling streets, thank city workers gardening. Stop, recognize, appreciate but most importantly, let. them. know.

If you don’t feel like working out, throw on your workout clothes. You’re one step closer.

Those that find you irritating because you are a)happy b)single or c)both; just need a big hug. (Probably not from you though.)

You can never go wrong with flowers. Or wine.