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save time, generate results

Optimizing social media marketing for conversions.

We use Social Media as a tool to
lead meaningful conversations, amplify brands,
promote content, nurture leads, and drive business.

This is accomplished by original content,
shareable information,
thought leadership,
and strategic advertising.

Get intentional about Social Media

9 + 6 =

% of consumers rely on social media to make purchasing decisions.

times/week an average consumer mentions a brand to family, friends or co-workers.

this ain’t our first rodeo

Trusted by big brands.

I strongly recommend to any company looking to improve their online presence or train internal staff on how to get the best results online.

Arielle is engaging, both online and offline.

Online she consistently provided value for the Calgary Stampede brand, knowing how and where to engage.

Offline she fostered (and maintains) strong relationships on behalf our community.

…engaged with our community both online and offline using unique and creative approaches, and always went the extra mile to achieve our common goals.

She drives for results, consistently seeking to impact bottom line growth. She is an achiever and a social media maven to boot.

Book your 30-minute consultation.

we drive business

The unfair advantage.

   Sharpen your axe before cutting down trees.

Social media isn’t (just) for getting attention, it’s about driving your business forward. We don’t jump into creating and talking online. First, we strategize. Not only do we strategize to know what goals we want to hit, we can reach them faster. This saves us both time, effort and money.

  Fully integrated services = fully effective results.

Social Media is just a piece of your marketing efforts, lead generation, and business growth. We get that, as we are more than just social media community managers, we are strategic online marketers. We get lead generation. We get sales funnels. We get ROI. We get business as we are business owners ourselves. We continue to review our clients’ businesses from a high-level point of view, asking “how can we improve this?” and “what is the next step?”

   The proof is in the pudding.

Our work shows that we know how to optimize Social Media Marketing initiatives to satisfy our clients’ marketing objectives. We don’t create art, we create results. While our clients initially find us in many ways, they keep us because we make them money.


Free strategy with a 3-month contract.

Expires January 15, 2018

getting down to business

Our process:

1. Strategize
We take the time to understand your target market, your business and your industry. We research and strategize what type of content works and where it works, including what that means for your specific business’ unfair advantage. We decide on KPIs so that we all move towards common goals.

2. Optimize
Here, we audit and optimize platforms and profiles, focusing on how to be found by both Search Engines and by your audience. We develop emotional branding to encourage your audience to follow along with your updates.

3. Create
Creating should always come after strategizing, but rarely does. This is how we are different. We aren’t on Social Media to just talk and create beautiful things. We create beautiful things and talk about what your potential customers care about and want to talk about. It’s strategic art, really.

This creation is a monthly Content Calendar that contains topics, content, images, links, video, hashtags, etc. that we will be pushing out for your business for the entire month.

4. Engage
Next, we then take initiatives to the next level where we integrate you into your community. We have your business become a contributor and the thought leader in your industry and market, building trust and rapport.

5. Advertise
Advertising gives your business much greater reach to potential fans and customers. But we have seen time and time again, businesses that throw away a lot of money because they are not targetting accurately or showcasing quality content. There is where we come in with a strategic approach, always testing and tweaking the system to effectively increase leads.

6. Track, analyze, optimize
Last, but certainly not least, we report to track your business’ Social Media progress. We review and optimize based on these findings. We continually test as trends change, audiences change and platforms change.

$550/month and up

proud geeks

Trained & certified by the best.

Facebook Blueprint Certification

Marketing Solutions Certification

Twitter Flight School Certification

YouTube Certified

Google Digital Garage

Inbound Marketing Certified

Content Marketing Certified

Social Selling Certification

Let the professionals handle it. 

why you care

Social media business benefits.

New Eyes

With one click, your message can reach a multitude of people, increasing exposure and brand awareness.

Instant Feedback

Receive quick insights of what your audience is into through Social Media to shorten time between knowing if a product or campaign is successful.

Lead & Sales

Social Media allows customers to ‘get to know’ your brand, giving you increased chances in gaining their business.

fire away

Most common FAQs.

How do you measure ROI on Social Media?

Measuring ROI with social media is one of the biggest frustrations for business owners and marketing professionals. Social media has direct and indirect effects that are impossible to measure perfectly, similar to many PR and marketing efforts.

While you can’t measure all Social Media Marketing effects, when done right, you can gain valuable insight from significant measurements. Here’s how we track ROI:

1. Set conversion goals, such as:

  • Making an online purchase
  • Clicking on a link to your website
  • Spending time on a landing page
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Engaging in social media interactions

2. Track conversions.

  • Reach. The number of people who see your campaign or promotion, the higher this number, the greater your potential ROI.
  • Traffic. The number of people who visit your URL, where conversions happen. More conversions mean more ROI.
  • Social media generated leads. The number you do see is the leads who took an online action. You won’t see the lurkers – people who take no action online but are still exposed to your product and make an offline purchase as a result of Social Media exposure.
  • Customers. Leads that become customers.
  • Conversion rate. Tracking the percentage of visitors by social media platform or promotion piece tells you what’s working and what’s not.

3. Assign a monetary value to each conversion by estimating the Lifetime Value of a Customer.

4. Collect incoming traffic and conversion numbers using Google Analytics. Compare with the monetary value of those conversions.

5. Determine cost per channel by adding labour and other costs.

6. Calculate the ROI per social media channel. ROI = Benefits – Costs x 100 / Costs

Doesn't everyone know how to use Social Media? Why should I hire an expert?

Social Media isn’t as easy as simply posting a few updates.

Effective Social Media management involves a carefully crafted and well thought out plan of attack. It’s remarkable how many opportunities your business can gain once you start using Social Media more effectively. At the same time, you can damage your business and brand by ineffective uses of Social Media.

Social Media involves elements such as getting the right ratio of self-promotional content, including search friendly elements, leveraging different content types for maximum engagement and continually testing to see what gains conversions.

We have someone in-house. Can you work together?

Yes. We are happy to work with and empower internal team member(s) to enhance your business’ social media efforts.

We can come in with a fresh perspective on your strategy or take on aspects your employees don’t have time for. We set up a framework that makes collaboration both easy and effective.

We can customize our services to fit your needs.

Does Social Media really matter for business?


1. It’s where your customers and potential customers are. Every popular Social Media platform has a larger reach than all television channels combined. With Social Media, you can target people of all ages, interests, and socio-economic statuses to very targetted, niche content you may share.

2. Social Media Marketing doesn’t look like an ad. Society has learned to filter out anything that looks like an ad. Social Media is meant to be informational, entertaining and humanizing, as opposed to promotional. This is why it still works for, surprisingly, promotion.

3. Effective Social Media marketing creates trust and loyalty by removing the filter of businesses being “a corporation” that is made to suck the money out of the customers. Social Media shows the real people working for the business, including the values, intentions and passion of these people.

4. Social media facilitates word-of-mouth marketing. People don’t listen to companies, people listen to friends. So when they see a friend on Facebook “liking” a business page, they are more inclined to believe that they truly sell good products.

Evolve the way your business does social media.